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At AWRC every endeavour is made to integrate new Masters with experienced masters, especially in weekend rows. More experienced Masters may train extensively for completion and tend to row with colleagues in designated age brackets. In fact, our Master's rowers are held in high regard for their competitive abilities at National and International level.

As for the use of club plant, many Masters Rowers own their own boats and oars/sculling blades but equally club plant is available at the discretion of the Head Rowing Coach. Masters typically will train 4-5 times a week on their own schedule.


The age category of a Masters crew shall be determined by the average age of the rowers in the crew, rounded to the nearest integer. The age of a coxswain shall not be counted. The ages of individual rowers need not fall within the age category, so long as each rower is a Master and so long as the average age of the crew falls within the applicable category.


Masters crews are classified by age according to the following categories:

A Minimum age: 27 years

B Average age: 36 years or more,

C Average age: 43 years or more,

D Average age: 50 years or more,

E Average age: 55 years or more,

F Average age: 60 years or more,

G Average age: 65 years or more,

H Average age: 70 years or more,

I Average age: 75 years or more,

J Average age: 80 years or more,

K Average age: 85 years or more.


A person who has never rowed in a race is unclassified according to ability and is eligible for Novice events.

The plant is provided by the club and designated for use by the Head Coach according to the rowers or crews ability level and competitive endeavours.

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