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We care about growing rowing in Whanganui 

Our club has been around for over 100 years and has trained some of the best rowers in New Zealand. There is a wide range of people that you'll meet at our club, from students and young professionals to master novices and retirees. No matter your level of rowing, we're always welcoming newcomers to the club! 

We have a regular learn-to-row programme that takes place throughout the year for those keen to get into a boat. We have one for adults and another for students. Our student members at the club come from Whanganui High School and the Rangitikei district. We have two intakes every year for new groups of novices from these schools, and the intakes take place in February and September. The club has structures in place for those who wish to achieve elite sporting excellence and for those who wish to take part on a purely recreational level. 

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