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Learn about signing up and fees to row below.

Each year members (new and returning) must pay club fees and fill out a registration form by the registration due date (November).


Associate | $50

An individual who seeks to be associated with the club for social reasons.

Non-Active Committee Member | $1

An individual who sits on the committee, but is not an active rower at the club. This fee allows them to have voting rights. 

Active Life Member | $114

A nominated member of the club who has contributed to the club for a sustained period of time and is confirmed at an AGM (see constitution for further details).

Master Rower | $650 

A rower over the age of 27 years old.

Coxswain Rower| $114

A valuable member of the crew who steers and maintains the safety of all members in the boat.

School Rower | $750

An individual who is affiliated with a secondary school.

Club Rower | $750

An individual who is a non-school member and is rowing competitively.

Novice Rower | $550

A novice rower is an individual of any age group (School, Club or Master) who has not rowed a full season and has not won a rowing regatta event.

Tertiary Rower | $650

A rower who is affiliated with a post-secondary school and who is participating in regatta events.

2nd Family Member | $550 

Discount offered for a 2nd family member rowing at the club.

Social Rower | $250

A non-competitive, casual rower of any age group. This is also the fee for an individual looking to utilise the AWRC gym facilities casually.

Gym Membership | $250

An individual looking to utilise the AWRC gym facilities annually.

Private Boat Rack Fee | $125

This fee is for individuals who want to store their private boat at the club.

Payments can be paid directly to the Clubs Westpac Account:

Are you signing up for...

School Rowing

Students in high school that attend Whanganui High School, or Nga Tawa Diocesan School are part of our club.

masters Rowing

As a Master, you are over the age of 27, and have either rowed before or are looking to become involved in the sport. 

Club Rowing

If you are part of club, you are not affiliated to a secondary school and looking to row socially or competitively. 

Looking to get a key/fob for the club?

We use a fob system at our club to safely secure our club. If you're interested in getting a fob, please fill out the form below and send it to A fob costs $20. 

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