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At AWRC the definition of a Club Rower is generally regarded as an individual who is rowing and has left school.

There are many competitive regattas for club rowers held throughout NZ  Club however to win a National Title you must compete at the National Club Championships held alternatively at Lake KarapiroCambridge, and Lake RuataniwhaTwizel in February each year. The event is held over 5 days and more than 60 events are raced.

Coaching is available for all club members, and these rowers will train as much or as little as they want to depending on their athletic goals.


Every rower is classified according to ability into one of five classes (Classes listed in order of increasing ability from lowest to highest):

  • Novice

  • Intermediate

  • Club

  • Senior

  • Premier


A person who has never rowed in a race is unclassified according to ability and is eligible for Novice events.

Plant is provided by the club and designated for use by the Head Coach according to the rowers or crews ability level and competitive endeavours.

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