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We've been around for over 100 years and have trained some of the best rowers in New Zealand. 

Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club (AWRC) is located on the river bank of the famous Whanganui river, with the club's history dating back to the late 1800s. AWRC is an amalgamation of two rowing clubs (Aramoho Boating Club and Wanganui Rowing Club), that came to be one in 1985. Prior to this time, Aramoho Boating Club was based at our facilities with a history dating back to 1898. 


In 1954 a new clubhouse and boat storage was proposed by the committee of the day with work commencing on the foundations and structure by voluntary labour.  The existing club shed hall and boat storage were completed in 1959.

In 1972 the club embarked on an extension to the club shed building adding a lounge and motorboat storage on the northern end.  This project was undertaken by club members and funding for the project undertaken as construction proceeded.

Throughout the early years with the exception of 1940-45 (II World War) until the mid to late 70s the club drew its membership from mainly working-class tradesmen, apprentices employed by the NZ Railways, Freezing Works, and Private and Public entities.

In the 1980s the demographics changed with young people going to University, travelling offshore, seeking professional careers and membership of the three Whanganui rowing clubs dwindled to a low ebb. The difficulty in keeping clubs actively and competitively viable led to discussions, the result being, in 1986 the merger of the then oldest club in Whanganui, Whanganui Rowing Club and the Aramoho Boating Club took place and the Aramoho-Whanganui Rowing Club was formed.

Throughout the history of the club, there has been strong leadership and periods of significant success of both National and International level.  This history is well recorded in the lounge trophy room both on honours board information and photographic displays. This gallery of achievement gives an appreciation of teamwork, success, motivation and striving to become part of the club and NZ rowing history.

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