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Change to Junior Trialist Nomination Process 2019/2020

The Junior trialist nomination process is changing for the 2019/2020 season. Please carefully read the details below in order to meet all requirements in the nomination process. Bringing the nomination date forward by four months than previous years will ensure Rowing NZ selectors are able to gain a more comprehensive insight into nominee's training and development over a broader period of time and will provide athletes with increased access to Rowing NZ staff for continual feedback and assistance in their on-going development.

  • Nominations close 15th November 2019. Nominations can be completed using the High-Performance Nomination Form.

  • Late nominations will be accepted on the basis of good on water performances through the season.

  • Nominees must complete the following testing during the season… - 30min erg (at 20 rate) OR 5km erg completed between 15th November 2019 - 12th December 2019. Scores to be submitted to by the 13th December 2019. - 2km erg test completed between the 1st January 2020 – 22nd February 2020. Scores to be submitted to by 23rd February 2020.

  • Standard drag factors for testing are 110 for females and 130 for males. If you complete any of the above testings at a different drag, please make sure you include this when submitting your results.

If you have any questions around the process, please feel free to contact 


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