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October 2022 Newsletter

World Rowing Championships, Racice, Czech Republic, September 2022

Our Olympic gold medallist, Kerri Williams, secured a further Gold Medal at the highest level of our sport when she again stroked the NZL 2- to victory, with long term rowing partner Grace Prendergast in the bow seat.

After a challenging lead up to this regatta, due a variety of factors, they comfortably headed the Netherlands and the USA in a time of 7:03.76.

We again salute this remarkable crew and hope we can see Kerri and sister Jackie (who travelled as a reserve to the event), in person at our Club in the near future.


2022/2023 Committee

As reported last month, your Club conducted our Annual General Meeting in August.

The following Officers were elected to attend to the business of the Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club over the next year:

Patron: Allan Luff

President: Tom Monaghan

Vice President: Maddie Powers

Club Captain: Adrian van Bussel

Treasurer: Thelma Bell

Secretary: Grader Howells

Committee: Barb Hammond; Dan McSweeney; Des Lock; Rebecca Ivory; Kiersten Light; Lisa Murphy; Maddie Powers; Reeve Watson; Rylee Dudley.

We are fortunate to have such a broad range of capable members to undertake the Club’s administration. However, we look to all our members and parents to support your Club, so please give them your full support and don’t expect the Committee Members to undertake all the mahi as we embark upon what we trust will be a memorable year, as we emerge from the gloomy cloud of the Covid pandemic.


6K Winter Series 11 September 2022

A controversial conclusion to this event with the Horowhenua Masters Mens Coxless Four completing the course in the fastest and best prognostic time but being disqualified due to some nefarious turning tactics!

This meant our evergreen Mens Masters Double of Richard Brock and Trevor Rush were elevated to first place with a prognostic result of 79.19% and our new Director of Rowing, Axel Dickinson, securing 3rd place after being assisted over 6 km by Eli Kuehne in a double scull.

A notable entry was our young Novice Girls Quad making their first appearance in a rowing race – well done girls!

Coach Lance O’Brien with our young Novice Girls of Te Atakura, Morgan(Cox), Lauren, Mae and Fiana (sitting).


NZ Universities Rowing Regatta 2022

Our Club and Members were very busy assisting the Whanganui Rowing Association in preparing for and undertaking this fixture with seven of the eight NZ Universities taking part on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September.

There was some concern the event may have lacked participation numbers due to it being postponed from April 2022, but over 200 students plus supporters attended.

The recent “iffy” weather behaved itself and the regatta finished on time having undertaken 35 Events (some requiring divisions).

There were over 50 local volunteers assisting over the two days and it was particularly gratifying to see seven of our younger school members assisting as required during the event.

An “After Match Function” was hosted by Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club on Saturday Evening and we can report that a modest profit resulted – Well done again to all our volunteers who assisted over the weekend!

The champion Canterbury Mens Eight who retained the Hebberley Shield from Otago, Auckland and Victoria, over the 3219 metre course. The shield was first raced in 1928. Former AWRC oarsman Nathan Luff stroked the Canterbury crew.


AWRC Hosts a Wedding!

The following weekend, our Lounge was again busy with a wedding reception taking place at the Club. Catered by our in-house Jill Hermansen, with our team of Maddie, Adrian and Kiersten operating our bar voluntarily.

We greatly appreciate the efforts and time of these three after they were also heavily involved the previous weekend.

Again, a modest profit resulted.


North Island Provincial Regatta, Clive 1 + 2 October 2022

Our Whanganui Association Athlete Development Team, including AWRC Members Messina Su’a, Nicola Goss and Sue O’Leary, concluded their programme with a Regatta at Clive, Hawkes Bay.

While the weather was wet and cold, the water conditions were conducive to some excellent racing, with the Whanganui Team achieving second place from Wellington, who secured the Graham Moran Trophy.

Well done to Philippa Baker-Hogan for leading the team and to our tireless Des Lock who drove the boat trailer, as well as assisted overall (as he always does!).

Whanganui Womens Eight with Messina Su’a in 7 seat and Nicola Goss in 5 seat. Photo by Sue O ‘Leary who coxed the crew.


Coming Up

Saturday 19 November – Bridge to Bridge Race (Whanganui River)

Saturday 26 November – Johns Trophy (Waitara)

Saturday 29 October – Open Day (races + BBQ to follow!)


Quote of the Month (Courtesy Neil Thomson, Australia)

It is said, “practice makes perfect,” this is B-------T, - “only perfect practice makes perfect!”

‘Ronald Barassi A.M. AFL Legend. Sport Australia Hall of Fame’


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